Contin Community Council Minutes

This page shows the Minutes of the Contin Community Council Meetings.

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday, 3rd May 2010 in the Village Hall

Laurence Gunner (in the chair), John Mackenzie, Fraser Stewart, Sid, Fraser, Wattie Finlayson, Isobel Stewart (Secretary) and Highland Councillor Richard Greene. 32 members of the village community were also in attendance.

Apologies for absence:
Kate Finlayson, (Treasurer) Roy Mackenzie, & Andrew Finlayson. (Vice-chairman)

Callum Williams, Contin’s young piper, played in celebration of the Waiver of the pre-emption Clause by the Highland Council on 13 April.

Minutes of meeting held on 1st March 2010 were approved
Letter of Thanks from the Reverend Gordon McLean was read to an appreciative audience.

Matters Arising
1. Scottish Community Foundation (Fairburn Wind Farm): Wattie Finlayson spoke about the Wind Farm fund. It was stressed that no-one who had an interest in applying for funding could be nominated for the posts on the Panel. The names put forward so far are Wattie Finlayson, Lindsay Crombie, and Stan Kryzkanowski. Laurence Gunner agreed to approach Jim Kelman from Craigdarroch Drive to ask if he would allow his name to go forward.

2. Highland Council decision to waive their right of Pre-emption on the School. The present situation is that Karen Lyons, the H.C. lawyer and George Muirden, our lawyer, are working on the wording of the final agreement. It was agreed to ask the Reverend Gordon McLean, Company Secretary of Contin Community Trust, kindly to act on the Council’s behalf with Mr Muirden in all negotiations regarding the proposed transfer of the former school property from the Council to the Trust.

3. Parking and Traffic in Torview: Specific details of the numbers of cars involved and parking places available are to be sent to Richard Greene who will deal with this problem. The speed of the Traffic coming into Torview was also mentioned and suggestions for speed bumps or a speed restriction will be looked at.

4. Adoption of Coul Road: It is expected that Coul Road will be tarred in the next week or so and that the Council will adopt the road once this work is completed. The work will go as far as the first bend in the road, beside Colin Finlayson’s house.

New Agenda Items
1. The Standing Committee met on 5th April 2010 when the following were discussed: the caretaker’s requirements, Gaelic signs in the community, the village amenities audit, and accessibility of surrounding walks.

2. Financial Statement: In the absence of the Treasurer, the current balances in the Council’s bank accounts were reported to be £1,300 in the Current Account; £3,270 in the Hall Account and £28,000 in the Investment Account.

3. A835 [Item taken early] Cathel Macaskill, Customer Service Manager, Transerv, (whose five year contract expires next year) spoke about his firm’s involvement in taking care of the trunk roads in the Highlands, about the work to be undertaken in Contin on the A835 in the next few days, ensuring that traffic flows with as few delays as possible.
He also agreed to look at the possibility of having a ‘Farm Traffic’ sign positioned at the east end of the village by the entrances to Kinnahaird Farm
He also said that a National Review of Speed Limits was being undertaken at present to look at the whole issue of speed limits and whether possible changes might be thought necessary. He pointed out that speeding itself was a subject for the Police. The point was made that within half an hour of the Police setting up equipment, drivers were flashing warnings to each other. Rumble strips were probably not the answer as they are very noisy for residents.

4. Senior Citizens Annual Party: The Senior Citizens had a very enjoyable evening on 17th April with food provided by Catherine from the ‘Museum Cafe’ in Strathpeffer and entertainment from local Talent. Laurence thanked the entertainers, organisers and those who helped make it such a successful evening. The very late date of the party due to burst pipes caused questions to be asked whether the pipes in the hall had been lagged. The information was that this work had now been done. It was suggested that a low wattage heater might also be added to the loft to be used in severe weather.

5. Future of Five Acre Wood: The Five acre wood is in need of some TLC and to this end Cllr Greene will speak to the HC’s Forestry Squad about obtaining advice on what needs done and I Stewart will contact Forestry Commission to the same end. It was also agreed we should have a Village clean-up day, bags and signs to be obtained free from the Council. Isobel Stewart to get signs from the Dog Warden for the Wheelie Bin on the Church Road. Boxes for dog litter disposal bags are on their way.

6. Bus Shelter. Questions were asked about the present poor state of the Contin bus shelter. It appears that problems of vandalism had receded and that ways and means might be sought to improve its condition.

7. Highland Libraries. The Council has been asked by former librarians to support the need to keep rural libraries open and library van service in place. This is not a service we should consider cutting. It was agreed Laurence should write a letter of support.

8. Community Care: Joint NHS and Highland Council initiative. Laurence and John will look into the issue of Community Care in the light of perceived needs.

9. The Village Newsletter: The feeling was that the Newsletter was much appreciated and that it should be continued. It is not an onerous task and volunteers would be sought. The Village internet site, is up and running and anyone wanting to add information should contact Elaina, June, Alistair and Selina Rennie who will add your comments, articles, club news, adverts, events news and visitor info and anything else you can think of that may be of interest ( or gripes in the unlikely event you have any!!).

Date of next meeting: 5th July 2010
(Items for inclusion to Isobel Stewart by 24 June)

The Council Meeting was followed by a public meeting under the auspices of the Contin Community Trust.

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