Contin Community Council - Jamestown special meeting

Jamestown – Extraordinary Meeting

Over fifty people, mostly from Jamestown, attended the meeting on 16 May to discuss two planning applications for their area. These were a scheme to build a house inside the ruined church together with a new public footpath through to the woods, and then one for three house plots on the old Glebe field. After detailed descriptions of both proposals had been given people were invited to express their views about them to the proposer. He then withdrew and a general public discussion took place to assist the Community Council determine the planning issues involved. It was a good meeting and a number of important items emerged to be addressed more formally. The roads are inadequate for the traffic they now carry and the village itself was felt to be losing its character as more and more houses were being built. Effective drainage was an area of concern, particularly by the church. The new footpath through to Blackmuir wood was widely welcomed but people were less happy about the design for the house within the church. The greatest anxiety of the evening focused on the poor quality of the approach road to the three proposed houses where for example mothers with buggies were being forced off the road into the burn. The formal meeting concluded at 9 pm with thanks to the Community Trust for the use of the hall. It was a pleasure to welcome Jamestown residents to the meeting. They lowered our average age by at least two decades and we certainly hope we’ll see them again!
The Community Council has now formally stated its position on the planning applications,
as follows:
1: Formation of two storey house within church ruin – approved with proviso that the culvert
drainage problem be resolved
2: Three serviced house plots on edge of Glebe field – approval withheld pending resolution of problems relating to access road and burn.

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