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This has been a question been asked by quite few people over the last few months since the district forum in September. Happily, the ideas put forward by the Trust has sparked a lot of interest with various funders including the Big Lottery in Glasgow who expressed genuine interest in the project. However there will be a small element which the community will have to generate itself. So how are we going to do this? Of course supporting the various fundraising events being put on in the hall is the obvious method, however there are other 'pain-free' methods of supporting the project without costing anyone any extra pennies. Over the next few issues we will be high-lighting these methods in a series of articles. 
Mindful that we are about to enter one of the most expensive periods of the year with Christmas looming around the corner, this issue is dedicated to our on-line shoppers out there.
Spend and Raise is a web site especially for fundraising groups like ourselves. It is safe, secure and simple to use. This is essentially a web gateway to many e-stores and shops who then donate a percentage of the sales back to charity. Online stores registered with Spend and Raise include big names such as Boots, Asda, B&Q, Halfords, JJB and many more. There are no hidden fees or extra costs, retailers pay a percentage of anything you spend directly back to the Trust as long as you have accessed their site via the links on the Trust's Spend and Raise webstore page. 
How to get started
First of all you visit the Trust's page at [http://www.spendandraise.com/cct/] Once there, it takes two minutes to register as a supporter. Once registered, you enter the main site and from there you can browse the stores via the tabs at the top of the page or use the search function on the home page. There are also special offers available direct from the site. Whether you are re-directed to your favourite store or buying one of the specials, each time you use the webstore to buy anything, you will also be helping the hall without costing you a penny extra!


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